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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
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stainless steel electric heater
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bronze patio heater
Propane Heater - Built-in Wheels, 48,000 BTU’s
Sale price$349.99 Regular price$449.99
13 reviews
Space Heater - Black, 1500w - Gorilla Gadgets
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Pyramid Propane Heater - Stainless Steel, 48,000 BTU’s - Gorilla Gadgets
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Black Electric Heater - Freestanding
Patio Electric Heater - Black, 1500w
Sale price$259.99 Regular price$299.99
5 reviews
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stainless steel patio outdoor heater

We’ve Sourced the Very Best Heaters for Your Home or Restaurant 

We’ve scoured markets around the world and sourced top-quality patio electric heaters, oscillating heaters, restaurant heaters, desk space heaters, and propane heaters to efficiently warm your home or space. Whether you’re making a small indoor room extra cozy, or keeping your guests toasty warm in your restaurant, Gorilla Gadgets has the perfect heater for you. 

Each heater we offer is safe, durable, well-made, and priced at an incredible value. Crafted to enhance your space rather than distract from it, these sleek options will impress your guests and keep your loved ones at the optimum temperature in any room. We’re certain you’ll never go back to a basic heater!

Create a Warm & Inviting Space With Gorilla Gadgets

As a tech savvy gadget lover, you appreciate smart, advanced functions that make your life easier. That’s why we’ve created this curated selection of heaters that take warmth and convenience to the next level. 

Whether you’re shopping for a smartphone case or a large propane heater for your home, you can rest assured that Gorilla Gadgets only offers the very best in useful, unique, and reliable tech. Should you encounter any questions or concerns during the ordering, shipping, or returns process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our excellent customer support team. We’re here to deliver an unmatched customer experience, every time.