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Our stainless steel electric patio heater for sale is here to perfect your outdoor space with cozy heat and warm ambiance. Its eco-friendly, sleek, upright design will blend perfectly with your outdoor gathering area.

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Sleek, Standing Patio Heater for Sale at Gorilla Gadgets

This patio electric heater for sale is perfect for warming up backyard areas or even small rooms. Our stainless steel electric heater is waterproof and safe for outdoor and indoor use. 

Advanced Carbon Infrared Heating Technology - Our patio heater uses advanced carbon infrared technology to provide continuous, sunshine-like warmth without producing greenhouse gasses. This environmentally-friendly electric heater can help you save up to 30%-40% on your electricity bill.

3 Heating Modes - Choose between 600w, 900w, 1500w outdoor radiant heater levels. Heating levels can be easily adjusted using the two switches on the front of the heater.

Height Adjustable - Adjust your heater’s height from 5.2 feet to 6.9 feet to perfectly suit your space.

Easy Assembly and Operation - This patio heater for sale arrives partially assembled in the box and completing the assembly is an easy 10-15 minute process. We include all the tools and instructions you’ll need.

Tip-Over Protection - With this heater, you never have to worry about it accidentally falling over. This electric heater will automatically turn off if it reaches a 45° angle and safely cool down until it is manually turned back on.

Waterproof - Made with high-quality metals and plastic with a smooth stainless steel finish, the entire surface of this heater is covered with a special IP34 rated water-resistant coating. This innovative coating keeps all the internal parts of the heater away from dust and water damage.

Safe for Indoor Use - This patio heater does not emit any carbon dioxide, smoke or dust which makes it suitable for safe indoor use as well. Plus, this heater runs quietly so it won’t disrupt you throughout the day.

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