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Stay warm during the winter seasons with our portable, lightweight, and compact space heater! Our carbon infrared heater includes 4 different modes, overheating protection, and a tip-over sensor. This is the perfect heater for small indoor rooms!

RAPID HEATING TECHNOLOGY - With an advanced PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and a high-speed fan, our heater can warm up small spaces easily within minutes. Adjust between 2 heating temperatures:

  • 1500w (High Heat)
  • 750w (Low Heat)

BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURES - We care about keeping our customers safe! Our portable space heater is equipped with a Tip-Over and Over-Heating sensor for your safety. Made with a heat-resistant ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), the overheat protection feature ensures the portable heater does not overheat, even when left on for an extended period of time. When tipped over a 30° angle, it will quickly and automatically turn off to cool down.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - The heater’s compact size and convenient carrying handle make it easy to travel with, making hassles nonexistent when moving it from room to room! 

4 HEATING MODES - Take advantage of this heater's 4 heating modes, some of which include a 180° rotation:

  • 1500W while rotating
  • 1500W while stationary
  • 750W while rotating
  • 750W while stationary

Set a timer for up to 60 minutes or leave it on until you decide you'd like to turn it off manually!

ANTI-FLAME COATING - With a metal fiber protective mesh and a soft outer fleece covering, this portable heater is resistant to catching fire during high-temperature outputs.

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