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Our outdoor and indoor patio electric heater is perfect for warming up backyard areas or small rooms. Features include 45° angle tip-over protection and an IP34 rated water-resistant coating.

ADVANCED CARBON INFRARED HEATING TECHNOLOGY - Our patio electric heater can output high heat up to 1500w in a short amount of time and provide sunshine-like warmth continuously. Compared to traditional heaters, such as propane heaters, our electric patio heater is environmentally friendlier and does not produce greenhouse gases which will save you 30%-40% on your electricity bill.

EASY ASSEMBLY AND OPERATION - Our electric patio heater comes already partially assembled in the box taking no more than 10-15 minutes to put together. All the necessary tools and instructions are also provided.

TIP-OVER PROTECTION - If the heater is accidentally knocked over from a 45° angle, it will automatically turn off and safely cool down until manually turned back on.

WATER PROOF - Made with high-quality metals and plastic with a powder-coated black finish, the entire surface of the patio heater is covered with a special IP34 rated water-resistant coating. This keeps all the internal electrical parts covered from dust and water damage.

INDOOR USE - While quiet, our patio heater does not output any carbon dioxide, smoke or dust. Therefore making it suitable for safe indoor use.

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