About Us | The Story of Gorilla Gadgets

We relate to the gorilla as an intelligent primate who coexists with his surroundings in a natural way. The jungle is a complex and resource-rich environment, and the gorilla has mastered it by being in tune with the sensory information he receives; responding to inputs with predictable outcomes based primarily on survival instinct. His perception, strength and social skills are key assets as he lives out his life.
There is a great energy surrounding a fully aware gorilla. Today’s urban jungle is also complex and resource-rich. We are constantly processing information in every way the gorilla does, and more.  As we master our environments and coexist peacefully with others, we can let the iconic gorilla provide his energy and protection to us and our friends.



That continues today. The iPhone, the iPad, and now the Apple Watch, these are all elegantly designed gadgets that are several cuts above the competition. We all want them because they’re useful and stylish and they appeal to our innate love of gadgets. Gorilla Gadgets started with accessories to Apple products because, frankly, all of us own them and we want similarly cool accessories to go with them.

Gorilla Gadgets was created for people like you who appreciate elegantly designed products at a super low price. The Gorilla Team has sourced these gadgets all over the world and our policy is to order directly from the factory where they are made, cutting out all the middlemen. We ship in bulk when we can, but we also use airfreight (at our expense) when necessary to meet our commitments. We know you've searched all over the web for the best deals, and we want you to keep coming back to Gorilla Gadgets for the best new products at the lowest prices offered.

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