Pokemon Go: Battery Saving Guide, Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go: Battery Saving Guide, Gameplay Tips, and Tricks

If you have been anywhere near the internet over the weekend, you have more than likely heard about the Pokemon Go frenzy that has taken the country by storm. It is a new mobile game that allows you to catch little creatures called Pokemon. The game uses the location feature of your smartphone to show you where all of the creatures are. Over the weekend people have traveled all over their neighborhoods, their cities, and their world searching for these elusive Pokemon.

 While the game is great and has created a frenzy not seen in a very long time, its impact on your battery life is immense. It is not unlikely for you to burn through 20% of your battery life in only a few minutes. We decided that we needed to put together a guide to help you get the most out of your battery and keep you catching rare Pikachu all day and night long.
How to make my phone battery last longer with Pokemon Go

In-App Battery Saving

  • The first way to improve the battery drain of your Pokemon Go is actually found in the game settings
  • First, click on the Pokeball icon on the middle bottom of the screen.
  • Up in the right corner will be a settings icon, tap that.
  • In the settings, there is an option to enable battery saving mode. Click this to improve your battery life.
  • You can also turn off the vibration function or sound to further improve battery life.

Battery Saving Tips for Pokemon Go

General Phone Saving Tips

  • Location services can be a huge battery drain. When you finished each Pokemon Go playing session, you should turn off your location settings. You can do this on most phones by pulling down from the top and tapping the location icon, or you can also turn this off in your settings control panel. There are apps you can download that lets you add a widget and turn this off in one tap.
  • Brightness settings can also be a huge drain on battery life. We recommend you keep your brightness settings at around 50-75% for the best results. (Daytime outdoor hunting might still require a bit more brightness.
  • Another huge battery drain for smartphones is data connection switches. When your data is on, it is always going in and out of connectivity. Turn off your data when you are not using it to greatly conserve battery life. Doing this will greatly reduce your Pokemon Go battery drain in between play sessions.

*Do not worry your phone calls and text messages will still come through even with your mobile data turned off.


Battery Solutions

Portable Phone Chargers for Pokemon Go

G Fast Quick Charge Power Bank

Power banks and Portable Chargers

We now offer G-Fast Quick Charge Power Banks and other charging accessories that can charge your fast faster than ever. Perfect for recharging for a second Pokemon Go session, or to plug in while you hunt for legendary Pokemon like Lugia, Zapados, or Molteres.

Extended Life Phone Batteries:

An extended battery offers you twice the power of a traditional cell phone battery and can be easily installed. You can find extended batteries for a wide variety of Android smartphones. This will ensure you that you will not miss out on those extra Poke Balls, or hard to find Geo Dude.

Extra Phone Batteries for Pokemon Go

Extra Removable Batteries

Another simple solution for Pokemon Go battery life is carrying a second battery with you to swap out when one battery dies. You can find affordable removable replacement batteries as well as charging kits that allow you to charge a second battery while it is out of your phone. You can find these batteries and charge kits for a variety of Android Smartphones.

Pokemon Go Gameplay Tips and Battery Saving Techniques

Pokemon Go Gameplay Tips

  • You can actually choose Pikachu as your starter just run away from the first choices, and after the fourth time the game tries to follow you, Pikachu will be available.
  • Nothing tracks especially your steps while you are away from the app except your consumables so you will have to enter the app each time.
  • Eggs are a good way to get Pokemon, utilize them the best way that you can.
  • Tossing Poke Balls is important too. Try to toss from the bottom of the screen to the top. The green circle that shows up on the Pokemon shows how difficult the capture is going to be.
  • Use incense and lures to really get the Pokemon out of hiding.
  • Lastly, you might be doing a bit of walking so wear comfortable shoes, and a comfortable outfit to make sure that if you can’t catch them all, you can catch a good majority of them.

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