Tech Gift Ideas Under $50

by Michael Ouellet November 30, 2016

Tech Gift Ideas Under $50

Top Tech Gift Ideas Under $50 

Quick Charge Desktop Charging Station

-5 Charging Ports including one Quick Charge (QC) and one Type-C Charging port

-Five slots to store phones, tablets, and other devices while charging

-Back also features two three prong plugs so that you can plug in other devices like fans, vacuums, lamps and more 

Shop Quick Charge Desktop Organizer


Chromecast Audio

-Turn your wired stereo system into a wireless one

-Easily stream audio to a variety of different sources

-Plugs into a standard AUX audio port

Buy Chromecast Audio



Nessie Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank

-Waterproof and shock resistant design. Take it in the shower, the beach, the pool and more

-High-quality audio without "tinny" sound of other wireless speakers

-Charge your phone or tablet with the speaker itself

Buy Nessie



Misfit Flash

-It's like they took all the good stuff from Fitbit and Apple Watch and removed all the fluff

-A simple tracking wearable that tracks steps, distance, calories and your sleep patterns

-The best part is that it costs under $40

BUY Misfit Flash

Extended Life Phone Batteries/Gift Sets
-If you've never gone a whole day without charging your battery, It's quite liberating.
-Extended batteries offer you up to 24+ hours of battery life. For the battery misers out there you will probably even get 36 hours
-These gift sets come with an extended battery, tempered screen protector, a TPU Jelly Case, and a One Shot Touch Screen Cleaner and are available for a variety of devices including Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, LG G3, LG G4, and LG V10

Shop Battery Gift Sets



-Solar powered inflatable light-source
-Great for camping, hiking, and other late night excursions
-Device also functions as a pillow for comfortable, long lasting light wherever needed

Buy LuminAID


Quantum Pro Wireless Power Bank

-The wireless charging power bank that charges itself wirelessly

-All directional "Quantum Induction" charging means no matter how you place your phone on the device it will charge. No more hassle of finding the sweet spot on a wireless charger

-8000mAh capacity is around 2-3 Full phone charges depending on the phone and battery capacity

Buy Quantum Pro

Spivo Stick

-The selfie stick's extreme cousin.
-Professionally record yourself in a variety of different locales from the beach, the snow, dirt and beyond
-180 Degree Rotation

Buy the Stick

Slim Qi Wireless/USB Charger

-Five fast charging USB/Lightning Ports

-Wireless charging pad on top charges your Qi Compatible or Qi-Enabled devices.

-Slim design fits on your desktop, countertop, or end table.

Buy the Slim Qi Wireless Charger



Pronto Peel Universal Remote
-The smartest universal remote
-Use your phone to control a wide variety of different devices
-No need for line of sight like traditional remotes

Buy Pronto Peel

Michael Ouellet
Michael Ouellet


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