Charge Into Summer With Our Power Bank Chargers!

Charge Into Summer

Summer is finally here! With people to see and excellent places to travel to, the last thing you want to think about is battery power. We have the gadget you need for the job. For wireless charging, our Fahari Wireless Charging Power Bank, or our standard wireless charging pad can keep you going. If you need to charge multiple devices at once, we have our brand new Qi Wireless and USB charging hubs that allow you to charge up to six devices at the same time. 

Lighten up your summer evening with our Soft Touch Dream Light. This multi-purpose light adds the perfect amount of illumination to your patio table and can function as a speaker.

You can play your summer soundtrack as loud as you want using our Obsidian Wireless Speaker. Vibration function turns any surface it attaches to, into a speaker. Let the Gorilla help you charge into summer with a full battery.

Obsidian Wireless Surface Vibration Phone and Tablet Speaker

Obsidian Wireless Vibration Speaker

Turn any attached surface this powerful speaker connects to, into a speaker itself. It has some of the deepest bass ever heard on a wireless speaker.


Dream Light Touch Light Bluetooth Speaker Color Changing Nightlight
ST7 Soft Touch Dream Light Speaker

Put this wireless touch light anywhere you need a little extra light. Changes colors and brightness with a touch. Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is built in.


Quantum Pro Wireless Charging Power Bank

Wirelessly charge one phone and charge another device via USB at the same time. The device itself charges wirelessly as well.


Multi Port USB Charging Power Station with Quick Charge and Type-C Output
Gorilla 5 Port USB Home Charging Station

Charge your whole family's devices at the same time. Slots on top help you organize each device.


Desktop Qi Wireless Phone Charger with Multi-Port USB and Lightning Charging
5 Port USB Qi Wireless Charger Statio

Charge five devices via USB while at the same time charging a Qi Wireless Enabled Device on top of the wireless charging pad.


Smart Charging USB Charger With Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Smart Charging Qi Wireless Station

Smart charging ports adjust the voltage to the device that you are charging. Whether you are charging a phone, a tablet, or any other USB charged device it would charge as fast as possible.



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