Portable Treadmill - Foldable Handlebar, Remote Control, Bluetooth Speaker

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Experience exercise made simple with this high-quality portable treadmill. It’s equipped with a modern LED display and a bluetooth speaker for entertainment, and its shock-absorbent, aluminum alloy frame ensures a stable and comfortable jog or walk.

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Achieve Your Health Goals and Experience Exercise Convenience With a Portable Treadmill 

Simplify keeping your body in shape with our electric portable treadmill. It features a strong and reliable shock-absorbent frame, an LED display, a wireless remote, and a non-slip traction mat — perfect for your home gym or any room you need it.

LED Display - Simply keep track of your exercises with the built-in display that shows your current SPEED, CALORIES, TIME and DISTANCE from each use. It will also let you know if a bluetooth device is connected or more lubricant is needed.

Bluetooth Speaker - The built in bluetooth speaker can easily be connected to any mobile device and play your favorite playlists or podcasts in stereo sound. You can even rest your device on top of the handlebar when you’re watching a video.

Portable - Designed to fit perfectly in any household the mobile treadmill has two front small wheels to help with moving around the house or gym. It’s thin enough to be stored under a bed, couch or leaned up against a wall or stored in a closet.

Aluminum Alloy Frame - Built with a strong base, this treadmill can handle up to 240lb of weight without any bending in the center and it’s shock absorbent to help protect each impact of the knee while moving at faster speeds.

Quiet While in Use - The powerful motor has a maximum volume of 70db when used at full speed so it stays quiet wherever and whenever you’re working out.

Easy to Use - Keep your workouts simple by easily controlling the treadmill with the built-in wireless remote or using the handle bar for additional controls.

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