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Our outdoor spaces are the perfect places to gather with friends and family, host exciting parties, enjoy relaxing evenings, and soak up the beauty of nature whether you’re at home or at a restaurant. Unfortunately, when brisk temperatures set in, making these outdoor spaces comfortable and inviting requires a bit of extra effort.

There are some amazing outdoor heaters on the market today, and so many options to consider when it comes to electric vs. propane heaters, heater sizes, and more. Read on to discover our top tips and things to consider when searching for the best outdoor heater to suit your space.

Heater Size & Design

Outdoor heaters are super functional, but they can also act as an aesthetic element in your space. You’ve worked hard to perfect that space, so you don't want an inappropriately sized or poorly designed heater to detract from your chosen vibe.

From tall, freestanding heaters, to small, tabletop models and fixed, wall-mounted models, you’ll have quite a few options to choose from when it comes to size. Consider the size of your space, and what specific spot you would like the heater to radiate from when choosing your best outdoor heater. When it comes to design, you’ll be able to choose from portable options, fixed options, and various finishes. One of the most popular design options is a sleek, stainless steel heater design that works perfectly in professional and casual settings.

Heat Type: Gas vs. Electric

Struggling to decide between a gas or electric outdoor heater? You’re not alone. When choosing whether an electric vs. propane outdoor heater is best for your space, you’ll need to assess your unique area and decide which heater type’s benefits you prefer.

Propane heaters for homes are highly portable and simple to operate, and natural gas heaters keep your heating inexpensive. Electric heaters are your most eco-friendly option, can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet, and can be used in enclosed spaces.

Heat Projection Radius

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With so many patio heaters for sale online, it can be difficult to find the best outdoor heater option available. One important consideration to keep in mind while shopping is heat projection radius. Take a look at your space, and note how much space you’ll need to heat, and to what temperature you’d like to heat it to. Heater strength is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), and the higher the BTUs, the larger the space the heater can warm.

To find your necessary BTUs, determine your desired temperature increase in fahrenheit, and measure the cubic footage of your space (length x width x height). Multiply your space’s total footage by the desired temperature increase, and you’ll find the number of BTU’s you’ll require!

Enhance the Outdoors with Gorilla Gadgets

Equipped with these electric vs. propane, size and design, and heat radius considerations, you’re ready to choose the very best outdoor heater for your space. Whether you’re outfitting your home and outdoor space for summer fun or cozy fall nights, Gorilla Gadgets is your destination for the best home electronics and high-quality gadgets on the market.

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