Extended Life Batteries: Does an Extended Battery Really Make a Difference?


Do extended life phone batteries work

What is an extended life battery?

Poor battery life is the number one complaint from smartphone users. Phone manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Apple love cramming new features into their phones, but battery life improvements seem to always be overlooked. An extended life battery is the best way to increase the battery life of your smartphone.

Don't limit yourself to what you can do on your smartphone. An extended life battery is the best way to add more battery life to your smartphone. Watch videos, browse social media, game, and use navigation without the fear of having to charge your battery.

You may have seen extended life batteries on our website, Amazon, or other online retailers. But what exactly is an extended life battery, and do they really give the battery life they claim? Let's start with some necessary terms you should be familiar with.

Phone Battery Charging Times for Extended Life Batteries

Here are some examples of charging times based on mAh ratings

What does mAh mean?

You may have seen the term mAh listed on a phone battery, power bank, and other electronic products. The term stands for milli-ampere hour. It is a measure of a battery's energy storage capacity. Think of a battery as a small fuel storage tank "mAh" is the measure of how much "fuel" the battery holds.

How long will my phone battery last

 These are normal battery life readings for some of the top smartphones

Extended Battery Calibration and Why it's Important? 

An extended life phone battery is usually twice the capacity of a regular battery. Your phone's software was designed and calibrated using a standard battery. If you do not calibrate your Extended Battery your phone will give you inaccurate readings, thinking that you still have your regular battery installed. 

Find out how to calibrate your extended battery here

How to calibrate my extended life phone battery
Battery Calibration Guide
Battery Safety Tips 


Battery usage stats with an extended battery

You could be looking at battery stats like this

Does an Extended Life Battery Really Improve Battery Life?

We have tested and tested a wide variety of different batteries, different devices, and a variety of battery saving techniques. After all of the testing, we have found that extended batteries actually do show a marked improvement in overall battery life. My daily driver phone is the LG G4, and I have been using an extended battery now for five months. 

Now, I am a more conservative battery user (I use Greenify and other task managers) but I use my phone normally, calls, texts, videos, gaming, navigation. I usually average around 40+ hours of battery life. Not everyone will get these results however, I was doing the exact same things with my regular LG G4 battery I was getting maybe 12-15 hours of battery life. So the difference is night and day comparing the two batteries. 

I put back my original LG G4 battery from time to time to get a feel for the difference. I usually don't even last a day without returning to my Extended Battery.


Extended Life Phone Battery for the Samsung Galaxy S5


But an Extended Life Battery is so Big?

An extended life battery is bigger than a regular battery, that is a fact. However, when you start using your phone for 2-3 hours you won't even notice. I wear skinny jeans sometimes, a poor fashion choice I know, and the phone fits just fine.

The added battery life is worth hauling around a few extra ounces of smartphone in your pocket. The battery might be a little bit bigger, but your battery life improvements are even bigger. 

With proper calibration and battery charging techniques you can forget about charging your phone every few hours. Make your phone battery last days, not hours.


Advantages of Using an Extended Life Battery

  Extended Life Phone Batteries are made for power users that need extra battery power. They have a lot of advantages and a couple of disadvantages.
Extended Life Replacement Phone Batteries


-Twice the battery power
-Not having to charge your phone every few hours
-Ability to travel, go camping or explore your world without the need to plug into a charger
-Use all of the functions of your phone without having to limit your usage to save battery life.
Extended Life Replacement Phone Batteries


-A slightly bigger battery that adds weight to your phone
-Most third-party phone cases will not fit