How to maximize battery performance of your new Extended Life Phone Battery?



Extended Battery FAQ


How long should my extended battery last?

Our extended battery is double the capacity of your original battery. We usually see the average user get at least 8-12 additional hours more than a regular battery. We've also seen some more battery conscious users get close to 50 hours or more.


How to maximize the extended battery potential?

To get the full extent of your new battery please the battery conditioning instructions found in your pack or on this page.

You should also charge your extended battery 8-10 hours every single time you charge it. Your phone may say 100% after a few hours, but, it is not. If you do not fully charge the battery each time, it will show that it is draining quickly.

You should also be sure to keep your smartphone updated to the latest Android versions, they often come with added battery optimizations.


Do Quick Charge or Fast Charging times apply to extended batteries?

While a Quick Charge charger will still be compatible and charge this extended battery, the Fast Charging times will not apply to this battery. You still need to charge your battery 8-10 hours every time, for a full charge. Even if your phone says it is 100% charged, it is not and still needs to trickle charge the rest of the way.

Failure to fully charge the battery will result in your phone showing quick battery drain. 


How long should I charge my extended battery for?

Depending on the size of your battery we recommend 9 to 10 hours of consecutive charging. If your battery is 4500mah or higher you would want to charge your battery for at least 8-10 hours. Even when it says that it is fully charged, keep charging overnight. If you don't the battery will show that it is draining quickly.

Your phone will take a little while to adjust to the new battery capacity. The phone will think that it is fully charged but it is not. The battery will slowly charge the rest of the way all night.

That is why the battery charging time is longer than standard batteries. It is based on the Android Software, and your phone's hardware. This is the same with any type of extended battery you can purchase not just ours.


Why is my battery not fully charged?

There could be many reasons your battery is not fully charging. The most common are not allowing the battery the full length needed to fully charge. Batteries 4500mah or higher would need to charge for 8-10 hours minimum. If you cannot fully charge your battery after 10+ hours please contact us via email at 


My battery has a bulge in the middle. What does this mean?

There are a few reasons for this. If your battery is over a year old it could mean your battery is seeing its last days. If you’ve only had it for several months it could be due to improper charging, or using a lower quality charging cable. If you are still within warranty please contact


Any additional tips to get the best extended battery performance?

There is one simple amazing tip that often gets overlooked, not just for battery performance but for overall smartphone speed. 

Turn your device off from time to time. Many smartphone users keep their phones on for days and even weeks at a time. Every day, or couple days it is smart to turn your phone off if even just for a couple of minutes. That gives it a chance to refresh itself, clear it's running tasks and memory cache, and make it happy again.

Just like we need sleep every night, so does your smartphone. Your device will run noticeably faster, and if your are experiencing overheating issues this may fix your problem.


My back plate (back cover) cracked. How do I get a replacement?

If your battery is still fully functional but the cover has cracked please click here to purchase a replacement cover. If you just received your battery and the cover arrived cracked or cracked within a few days of use please contact