What Are The Different Type of Heaters And Their Benefits?

Heaters were first discovered back in the 1800s and are known for helping you keep warm during very cold weather. There are many different types of heaters out there and we'll be mainly focusing on Propane Heaters and Electric Space Heaters. What are the benefits and differences when it come to these two?

Two men cooking steaks standing infront of patio electric heater

Marcellin Berthelot discovered propane in 1857, but it wasn't until 1910 that it was used for cooking and heating. One of the biggest benefits when it comes to propane heating is that it's non-toxic and burns clean. It's also cheaper, dependable, and longer lasting than electric heating. 

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Electric Space Heaters weren't discovered until the late 1800s by Alexander Graham Bell. Electric heating is generally safer than gas because they do not require burn fuel. Instead, they consume energy with a nominal heat output of at least 250W. This type of heating can eliminate potential risks such as carbon monoxide emissions and explosions. Even though gas is cheaper to run on a daily basis, electric heating is cheaper when it comes to installation. Technology in this day and age allows smart heaters where you can control from your smartphone as well.


Mother with her daughter sitting on chair beside an electric heater


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Overall, you can't go wrong with either heating types because they'll both ensure warmth to you and your homes! We hope this helped you get a better understanding of these 2 types of heaters, and feel free to check out the rest of our heating products on our website! 

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