Warmup For The Holidays With Our Outdoor And Indoor Patio Heater!

The winter season is upon us and in some parts of the world, it's already snowing. We have come prepared and are helping you battle the coming cold days with our great line up for portable plugin and propane powered heaters. 

people sitting in Lounge beside the electric patio heater

Our portable indoor double carbon infrared heater is perfect for smaller rooms and provides 4 different heating modes, overheating protection and a tip over sensor. This is our most popular portable heater at the moment.

Girl working on laptop sitting beside an electric heater

Our outdoor and indoor patio heater is perfect for warming up backyard areas or small rooms. Features include 45° angle tip-over protection, an IP34 rated water-resistant coating and a pull down lever for quick on and off heating. You can even remove one pole to make it a table side heating lamp.

Family playing outdoor beside an outdoor patio heater

Our outdoor and indoor patio heater provides 3 different heating modes, a 45° angle tip-over protection, an IP34 rated water-resistant coating and an extended height adjustment pole. We recommend the lowest setting to be used indoors and highest setting to be used in outdoor areas.

Couple standing outdoor beside primetek propane heater

Next we have our large propane heater that produces the maximum amount of heat and covers the greatest amount square feet. This is made for backyard events and can heat up an area very fast. We recommend sitting a few feet away from this heater when placed near your sitting area. 

People sitting outdoor beside an electric heater

Lastly we have our new outdoor pyramid propane heater that is very popular with business owners with outdoor areas. This heater shoots a flame up from the middle in a glass tube and outputs heat downward from the top. not only provides a cool visual to look at but also heats its surrounding area efficiently.

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