Gorilla University : Quantum Induction Wireless Charging

Gorilla University: What is Quantum Induction Charging?

If you really want to know how Gorilla Gadgets’ Quantum Pro Portable Charger works, you need to be able to think small…very small.

Quantum Induction Wireless Charging: The "New" Technology That is Actually Centuries Old   

Quantum Induction Charging 

The quantum world is as small as the universe is big. Strange things happen when you get down to that atomic level. What we’re talking about here is transporting packets of energy from one place to another without a wire, using only the magnetic fields created by induction coils to facilitate the transfer of real electrons between devices.

Before Einstein, we wouldn’t have been able to explain this phenomenon, although some of the early pioneers of electrical theory observed these functions almost 200 years ago. That’s farther back than Nicola Tesla - all the way back to Michael Faraday in 1831. This technology has recently been applied to smartphones but in reality, the concepts behind this technology can actually be dated back to 200 years ago!


Quantum Pro Wireless Charging Power Bank

In his famous theory of relativity, Einstein proposed that light is made up of mass less little packets of energy called photons. The term quantum is the smallest elemental unit of a quantity or the smallest discrete amount of something.

Thus, one quantum of electromagnetic energy is called a photon. It is at this level that electrons are transmitted from our Quantum Pro portable charger to your cell phone, or from another wireless charger. (like those found at Starbucks)

 Starbucks now offers wireless charging at their stores.

Are fast qi wireless chargers the same as regular usb chargers?

Qi Wireless Charging: Under the Hood

All of the wireless charging products we carry utilize this type of charging technology. Whether it's a portable charger, a wireless car charger, charging stand, or a receiver case, they all utilize Quantum Induction charging.

Unlike traditional wired charging, wireless is still lagging behind in the charging speed department. We are still looking for alternatives to safely moving more charging power through induction charging.

At the moment, the fastest Qi wireless charging speeds are only on par with a regular wall charger. The convenience of being cable free is worth the slightly slower charging rates.

Why a 3 coil wireless charger is better than a single coil

How does having more charging coils improve a wireless charger? 

Not all Qi Wireless Chargers are created equal. Some feature only one charging coil, and others have three.

One of the bigger frustrations some users have with wireless charging is having trouble setting their phones exactly in the right spot to hit the charging coil. 

We've worked to alleviate this hassle by adding a 2nd and 3rd charging coil on some of our Qi Wireless chargers. This gives you a wider charging surface area in which to charge, solving the problem of finding the "sweet spot" on your charger. 

hipster gorillas love wireless charging

Hipster gorilla loves charging his smartphone wirelessly at his local coffee shop.


Does my phone support Qi Charging and how can I get it?

One of the most common questions we are asked when it comes to Qi Wireless Charging is how can I add wireless charging to my iPhone or Android device. For that reason, we put together a list of

Phones that support Qi Wireless Charging out of the box

This is not a complete list, there are new phones coming out all the time with the functionality already included. 

If you do not see your smartphone on the list, there are ways for you to add the function to your phone.

For Apple users, we carry wireless charging receiver cases, that not only add wireless charging to iPhone but, also acts like a traditional case, protecting your iPhone from drops and falls. 

We carry wireless charging receiver cases for iPhone 6 and 6s as well as wireless charging cases for iPhone 7

You'll also find the same cases for iPhone 6/6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus 

wireless charging case for iPhone


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