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Our phones are an integral part of our daily lives — they help us find our way around, stay entertained, keep in contact with loved ones, and much more. But with a busy, always on-the-go lifestyle, unprotected phones can be damaged by drops, bumps, scratches, and even unexpected contact with water.

The best iPhone case for protection from life’s little dangers should keep your phone safe no matter what your day throws at you. Find the best protective phone case to suit your lifestyle with our guide.

Protect Your Phone From Impact

When it comes to your pricey device, protection comes first. Drops and bumps happen, and you’ll need a durable, drop-proof case that can protect your phone from damage and your wallet from costly repairs. The best iPhone cases for protection will have features including premium materials, raised edges around the screen, ample cushioning on corners, texture and grip, and a snug, ultra-precise fit. Preferably, your phone case will also be drop-tested to ensure that it performs as advertised, and will protect without adding too much extra bulk to your device.

Gorilla Gadgets is home to a variety of durable phone cases focused on drop and bump protection. Our protective, heavy-duty smartphone cases feature a shock absorbing dual layer and raised edging to protect your screen — perfect for even the most serious drops.

Opt For Water Protection

Though many smartphones today are water resistant or waterproof, it's always a good idea to have additional water protection for your electronic device. Whether you’re frequently on or near the water, or you live in a rainy city, electronics and water don't mix. You’ll want one made of a durable material that keeps water out while still allowing you to use your touchscreen and camera.

At Gorilla Gadgets, we offer durable waterproof iPhone cases with full protection to keep your phone safe underwater for up to 6 meters deep. Triple clip latches ensure the case stays locked, and a silicone membrane ensures you can still interact with your touchscreen and camera underwater. Our best iPhone cases for water protection even include neck straps to keep your phone safe from floating away while you're in the water. Go ahead, splash or snorkel without the stress!

Protect Your Phone’s Touchscreen Surface

Your phone’s screen is essential to its functionality, so the best protective cases for your iPhone will include features to keep your touch screen free from scratches and cracks and operating at its best. Your case should have raised edges to protect the screen if your phone is face down, and any included screen covering should be crafted from premium protective materials.

For the best screen protection, choose an iPhone case that comes with a high-quality hydrogel film or tempered glass screen protector, or buy one separately from our selection of ultra-protective options. Replacing a screen protector is much more cost effective than replacing your phone’s entire screen.

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Look For Reliable Materials Over Attractive Designs

Often, choosing the ideal protective option for your phone results in having to compromise on the look of your phone case. The best iPhone cases for protection can be bulky and feature only basic designs, but when it comes to protecting your device, we think the sacrifice is worth it. When searching for your best protective phone case, look for reliable materials over attractive designs. Case materials like tempered glass, TPU rubber, hard plastic outer shells, and silicone, have some of the best protective technology.

Luckily, Gorilla Gadgets gives you options when it comes to the best protective yet stylish for cases your iPhone that are made with premium materials. Our magnetic frame tempered glass cases don't add too much bulk to your device but still provide ample protection and shock absorption from bumps, drops, and scratches.

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Consider Your Unique Lifestyle

There is no way to completely ensure that your phone will never be damaged, but choosing the best iPhone or Android cases for protection can save you hundreds of dollars on repairs and replacements, and keep your must-have device in better working condition. When shopping for your ideal protective phone case, your best option will suit your unique occupation and daily routine. If you work on a job site, you’ll want maximum drop and bump protection, if you work near the water, you’ll want a case that offers water resistance.

While shopping, consider how your new phone case will complement your lifestyle. In other words, what else can it do in addition to keeping your device safe? A well-designed phone case can simultaneously protect and add some extra flair and utilitarian functionality to your day-to-day life. Gorilla Gadgets is home to the best iPhone cases for protection featuring convenient card holders, kickstands for video viewing, battery cases to extend the life of your phone, easy-carry belt clips, and more.

Choose Gorilla Gadgets For Protective Phone Cases You Can Trust

With so many mobile phone cases available on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Luckily, Gorilla Gadgets has created a curated collection of the best protective smartphone cases from around the world. We only source durable, well-made, and reliable products, so you can buy iPhone cases that offer the best protection for your device. Best of all, they’re available at a fantastic price point and our top-notch customer service is always standing by to help you during the shopping process. Explore our entire collection of smartphone cases today to find your perfect match.

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