How to Stay Cool this Summer With The Coolest Gadgets!
With summer quickly approaching, how are you staying cool this year? Here at Gorilla Gadgets, we like to provide a variety of convenient and inexpensive quality items for your home and business space. Our 3 in 1 portable air cooler is this year’s hot summer device and the perfect addition to help keeping you cool all summer long! Not only does it come with a variety of awesome features, but its overall efficiency saves you money as well. Read along as we dive into our newest product! Cool & Stylish

Our 3 in 1 portable cooler is stylish and cool! Its slick design consists of a bladeless feature that provides a safe way to enjoy some cool breeze, without compromising airflow power. Choose between 3 different fan speeds, airflow types, cooling levels, automatic timers, rotation on/off, ionizer function on/off, and more!

3 Products Into 1

In addition to all of its amazing features, this portable air conditioner offers 3 beneficial features in one simple solution. First, the cooling feature provides ice-cold airflow that feels as good as mountain breezes. Second, it includes an air humidifier that promotes moisture, which is especially suitable for dry climate areas. And third, the purifier acts as an air filter to help keep clean air quality.
3 in 1 portable air cooler

Energy Efficient

The 3 in 1 portable air cooler allows you to take back control of your room temperature while saving on energy costs. Our portable air coolers produce their cool air through water evaporation to turn warm, dry air into cool, moist air and work best when humidity is low. This allows for high efficiency at low power, ultimately saving you costs on electricity bills while promoting an eco-friendly environment.

What better way to bring in the summer than with an easy-to-use, super-effective and low cost portable cooler? Gorilla Gadgets is here to help you get prepared for the hot weather! We have even more options available at our website which you can find here. Our portable air coolers are not only efficient, but they provide a variety of benefits that save energy and promote a healthy environment. We'd like to consider them as an upgrade to a classic fan! For more information on our quality products, visit us online at

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