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Tech Gift Ideas for Father's Day

"When you’re young, you think your dad is Superman. Then you grow up, and you realize he’s just a regular guy who wears a cape."

Great Gift Ideas for Tech Loving Dads

As a kid, you rebel against your parents especially your Father and never believe a thing that he said. However, he was doing it for your good. Not only that, they more we grow up, the more we realize that our Fathers were usually right.  So what do you get for the man that had such an impact in your life? Each year we struggle to find just the right gift for the man who gave us life. We've put together a gift guide, to help you find him the best gifts in tech, fashion, and overall “manliness.”

Great Gift Ideas for Dads

The old Father’s Day standby gift was a new razor. But there is a new way to get him the razors he needs all year long. With Dollar Shave Club, you can get Dad razors sent to his doorstep each month all year. You can customize each package to whatever dear old Dad might need.

Cool Tech Gifts for Dad

For the tech-loving Dad, you can get him an Obsidian Wireless Speaker. The Obsidian Speaker is not just a standard Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. The Obsidian speaker is a vibration speaker that turns any surface into a speaker. This speaker has 36 explosive Watts of power making it the perfect addition to Dad’s garage, to play in the backyard, or to accent his man cave. For the super techie Dad, you can get him the Quantum Pro Wireless Charger or a Wireless Charging Adapter Case. Dad can charge his smartphone by just placing it on a wireless pad, no wires, no hassle. To protect your Father’s device from the inevitable falls, you can get him a protective case. With a virtual reality headset, Dad can retire early and just play golf all day every day (Virtually)

Tech Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Your Dad might think he is still cool and hip on all of the latest fashion trends, however, you might need to give him a little help. I know American Eagle might be a little dimly lit and has a bad reputation, but they do make a great shirt. Check out this Hawaiian Print Shirt that combines the quintessential Dad style with a cool new hip edge that will make him the talk of the neighborhood BBQ. Dad has worked hard to support you and the rest of your family for all these years let him relax in style with some of the best Shearling Slippers he has ever put on his feet. If there is one thing that most Dads love and that is a cold beer. These Beer Chilling Coasters keep your brew cold. If your Dad is a home brewer or just really enjoys beer you can get him a personalized growler and pint glass set. Our Fathers have done so much for us. Let's show him we care with a gift that he will actually use.

Top Gift Ideas for Dad on Father's Day



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