Car Phone Mount Wireless Charger - Air Vent Holder

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Our car phone mount wireless charger is designed to be compatible with an air vent. Wireless charging feature makes it convenient and safe to charge your phone while driving to your destination. 

Fast Wireless Charging - Experience the convenience of fast wireless charging within your car. Avoid the hassle of dealing with cables and standard car mounts. Simply drop your phone into the car mount and the wireless charger will do the rest. Keeping your phone fully charged on your daily commutes. 

Adjustable Coil Plate - The adjustable coil plate allows compatibility for all phone sizes. Move the plate up or down to improve the accuracy of the wireless charging on your phone. Features 4 levels of scaling. 

Convenient Clamping Arms - Built-in clamping arms secures your phone in place while allowing easy drop-and-go mounting. The arms can expand to fit larger and wider phones.

Air Vent Holder - The air vent holder clamps onto the blades of your air vent to allow optimal viewing position.

Input: 9V/1.67
Output: 9V/1.1A(10W)

Dimensions: 138mm x 70mm x 15mm
Weight: ~182g

Condition: New
1 x Wireless Car Phone Mount Charger - Air Vent Holder
1 x Air Vent Holder
1 x User Manual

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