USB Mini Infrared Portable Mobile Non-Contact Thermometer


USB Type: Lighting
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Track digital temperature readings on the go with our USB mini infrared portable mobile non-contact thermometer. It's compact and small in size and provides accurate forehead readings without an app. There are multiple connecting ports, an LCD screen to show you your temperature readings and a sound alarm when reading high temperatures.

Small & Lightweight - Being no bigger than a few triple A batteries or the size of a USB stick, its small and compact size makes it easy to carry around in your backpack, purse or pocket.

No Batteries Needed - No additional batteries are required to turn on the device. Simply plug it into your phones charging port and your ready to go to start reading temperatures.

Temperature Conversions - On the back of the device is a small button to change the temperature readings from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The default setting is set to Fahrenheit when you first turn it on.

High Quality Sensor - Our device is using a pyroelectric sensor, which can measure temperatures quickly in less than one second accurately. The mini speaker will sound off and alert you when temperature readings are high.

Contactless Readings - The sensor is designed to be used without touching anything as temperature readings can be done within a few inches away from the object. After a few seconds the reading will clear and another scan can be done.

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