SATURN-7 Evaporative Air Cooler for Industrial & Residential use | 5300 CFM

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Cool Large Areas - Experience powerful and wide-ranging cooling with the LBW-7000RC evaporative air cooler! Take advantage of its ability to cool a large space of up to 2,100 sq. ft. with its powerful 5300 CFM airflow and 7-gallon tank. Through the evaporative cooling process, it draws in warm air, passes it through wet cooling pads, and evaporates water to create cool air. This process ensures efficient and effective cooling, providing quick relief while covering large areas.

Unique Circle Design & Lights The unique circle-shaped design of the Gorilla Gadgets 7000RC air cooler incorporates 7 different colors of RGB lights along the outer rim, adding an extra flair to any room. With vibrant color options, it creates an eye-catching visual display while providing efficient cooling. Enhance your space with the stylish and colorful ambiance of the air cooler's integrated light feature!

Home & Commercial Use - With the ability to serve both residential and commercial purposes, the LBW-7000RC air cooler offers versatile cooling solutions. In a home setting, it provides cost-effective cooling and eco-friendly operation. In a commercial setting, efficient cooling for large spaces, cost savings, and flexible placement options are ensured.

Easy Operation - Switch between three different speed modes or the cooler’s comfort mode for personalized cooling! With a convenient 1-12 hour auto shutdown timer, you’ll be able to save energy and money on electricity bills. The included auto-oscillation function ensures widespread airflow distribution, enhancing overall comfort and cooling efficiency.

Portability - Highly portable and offering easy mobility in both home and work settings, the air cooler can be transported to any room with the help of four included caster wheels. Move the cooler effortlessly between rooms or areas, providing cooling precisely where needed. The caster wheels enhance convenience and flexibility to ensure that your cooler will provide optimal airflow and comfort in any space.

Energy Efficiency - Saving energy and money is highly beneficial when it comes to purchasing an air cooler. The LBW-7000RC consumes significantly less energy than AC units, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Compared to more expensive cooling products, our air cooler offers an affordable yet efficient solution that minimizes energy consumption without compromising on cooling performance.

Reliable Customer Service - Our dedicated customer support team is available Monday through Friday to promptly address any inquiries or concerns regarding our products. We prioritize providing exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction, offering assistance and guidance whenever needed.

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