Samsung Galaxy S10+ Case - Tough Defender, Card Slot, Mirror


Color: Red
Sale price$9.99


Our protective Samsung Galaxy S10+ case has a 3-layer protection that can prevent any potential damages and is shockproof. It comes with a built-in card holder slot that can also act as a mirror. Bonus, it can act as a kickstand for your phone as well!

3-Layer Heavy Duty Protection: Tough and durable design offers full protection without obstructing the S10+ amazing features. Contains 3 layers of protection with shock absorbent corners, protecting your phone from unexpected bumps and drops.

Built-in Cardholder and Mirror: Unique design contains a built-in card holder slot and mirror for ultimate convenience. Replacing the need to carry a bulky wallet and mirror. Perfect for doing any makeup touches on the go. Can be used as a kickstand as well for hands-free video streaming.

Screen & Camera Protection: Raised bezel edge prevents your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera and screen from any friction or direct surface contact.

Zero Signal Loss: No interference with your phone's ability to receive or transmit signals and data.

Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S10+

Dimensions: 6.4in x 3.1in x 0.6in
Weight: 2.24oz

Condition: New
1 x Samsung Galaxy S10+ Case - Tough Defender, Card Slot, Mirror

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