Propane Heater - Built-in Wheels, 48,000 BTU’s

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Summer days can be hot, but we know chilly evenings can be just as harsh. Wherever you’re located, our propane heater is designed to warm you up in larger, outdoor settings to keep you focused on the fun rather than the chattering of your teeth. Make use of our bronze heater in backyards, outdoor restaurants, parties, and more! Some assembly is required and a propane tank is not provided.

No Power Required - Heat up to 176 square feet, the perfect size for cafes, restaurants, gardens, patios, or other large outdoor spaces. Enjoy the perfect amount of heat in any weather at any time of the day!

Powerful 48,000 BTUs - An output of up to 48,000 BTUs is the perfect amount for heating up an area of around 17 feet in diameter. It delivers consistent, quiet, and smooth downward heating with no pungent smells or open flames. 

Safe & Stable - We care about ensuring the safety of our customers. That’s why we chose to provide stability to the heater with its rounded bottom base, which can be further weighted down with the addition of the propane tank. If the heater ever gets pushed over more than 30° on accident, it will automatically turn off before hitting the ground. 

Easy To Use - When turning the heater on, release the gas valve from the propane tank through the circular window at the bottom, then press the red ignition button at the top of the neck. Afterward, you can adjust the heater’s overall output levels with the variable heat control knob. 

Portable - The heater’s built-in wheels allow easy and safe movement to any location, even with the propane tank inside. There are no extra wires or plugs, making it completely safe when wet.

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