Propane Heater - Built-in Wheels, 48,000 BTU’s

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Summer days can be hot, but its evenings are cooled off. Depending on where you live, evening temperatures can get down to 52° or below. During wintertime however, temperatures can drop even lower. The propane heater is designed for outdoor use in larger situations such as for big backyards, outdoor restaurants and large outdoor party events. Some assembly is required and a propane tank is not provided.

No Power Required - Able to heat up an area of up to 176 square feet, it’s perfect for cafes, restaurants, or other large outdoor spaces. However, the propane heater is also suitable for non-commercial use such as a garden or patio. It will provide a perfect amount of heat for you to enjoy any weather at any time of the day.

Powerful 48,000 BTUs - Offering an output of up to 48,000 BTUs, this amount of heat is perfect for an area of 17 feet in diameter. It delivers consistent, quiet and smooth downward heating with no smells or open flames. It’s a great alternative to a fire pit and can be moved anywhere.

Safe & Stable - The rounded bottom base provides basic stability for the entire heater and with the addition of the propane tank, can add more total weight. If the heater ever gets pushed over more than 30° on accident, it will be automatically turn off before hitting the ground.

Easy To Use - The variable heat control knob allows you to easily adjust the overall output levels. All it takes to turn on the heater is releasing the gas valve from the propane tank through the circular window at the bottom and then pressing the red ignition button at the top of the neck.

Portable - With the built-in wheels, you can safely move the heater to any location, even with the propane tank inside. There are no extra wires or having to plug in the heater into a wall outlet which makes it safe when wet from rain.

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