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SKU: Bet-7-B

Size: 7.5×7.5 FT 2 Pole
Color: Blue
Sale price$99.99


Be prepared for a hot summer by bringing your very own sunshade protector. Perfect for you and your family at the beach, on camping trips or park outings. With 3 different colors to choose from and large area of coverage, it is easy to set up and comes all together in a nice waterproof carrying bag.

Large Coverage Area - When fully set up, the canopy tent can provide up to 10ft of total shaded coverage from the top. Depending on the angle of the sun, you could create an even larger covered area by adjusting the angles of the poles.

Simple Set Up - Everything you need is in the bag with no additional tools required. Putting everything together can take up to 15-20min max for first timers and individuals setting it up by themselves.

Durable & Portable - Included is a carrying bag that is waterproof and houses everything nicely and compactly. The sturdy poles can withstand heavy pressure while in the sand and the stretchable materials can withstand strong winds.

2 Variations - There are various stretched out positions that you could make with the canopy sunshade but 2 are the most efficient. Using all 4 poles allows for a more traditional coverage whereas 2 poles allow for more privacy.

Multipurpose Use - The canopy sunshade can be used at the beach, on camping trips, park outings or party events. If not used as a sunshade, it can be used as a soft mat at the beach on top of sand or on flat grass areas.

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