Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - RGB backlight, Clicky, Kailh Blue or Black Switches

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Color: Blue Switches
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Level up your gaming set up with the most advanced gaming keyboard. With kailh black switches, custom RGB lighting and an overall ergonomic design, the VM30 gaming keyboard will improve overall accuracy, precision and responsiveness compared to those basic computer keyboards.

KAILH BLUE OR BLACK SWITCHES - The linear and smooth feeling of the kailh black mechanical keys optimizes your gaming and working experience with accurate actions and quite clicks. The kailh blue mechanical keys provide a more tactile feel when pressed but are a bit louder.

SCULPTURED ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Standard sculptured ergonomic profile reduces wrist pain, fatigue, and other concerning problems with fillable feet to elevate the keyboard at the right height.

FULL-SIZE 104 KEYS - Full-sized 104 key standard design with 100% anti-ghosting and key rollover ensures your commands are instant. There are also over 50 million keystrokes that will always register when pressed.

RGB BACKLIT LED KEYS - Easily switch between 12 preset backlit effects or turn them off completely. The LED backlight makes it convenient for usage at night.

NO SOFTWARE NEEDED - Easy plug in and play with no software or drivers required. All features are built into the keyboard making it easy to just hop into a game.


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