ChicoKart Hover Kart (W/ Hoverboard)

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Quickly transform your Hoverboard into a Go-Kart. Take the self-balancing capabilities of a Hoverboard and combine that with the speed and control of a Go-Kart. Our Adjustable ChicoKart Hover Cart allows you to go faster on your Hoverboard than you ever thought possible. The self-balancing capabilities of the Hoverboard allow you to accelerate, brake and turn on a dime without the worry of toppling over. Hand controls allow you to go forward, reverse and turn just by pulling up, down, left or right.

  • Installation takes only a few moments, not like that Ikea dresser you bought last Christmas. Screw in a few bolts, secure some velcro and your Hover Kart is ready to go.
  • The ChicoKart supports individuals up to 6'2" and up to 220 Pounds
  • Quick to learn hand controls, control the ChicoKart by pulling the side levers up and down in alternating fashion to turn right and left.
  • x1 Adjustable Hover Kart Frame
  • x1 Chicoboard Hover Board

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