Universal Car Phone Mount - Wireless Charger

SKU: WCC-050119-053-BLK

This car phone holder with a built-in wireless charger is perfect for keeping your device secure, charged, and within eyesight while driving or parked. Enjoy a hands-free experience with this high-quality, must-have phone accessory.

Color: Black
Sale price$15.99


Our Car Phone Holder With Charger Makes On-the-Go Charging Simple

The right phone mount for your vehicle is an absolute must-have when it comes to creating a comfortable, hands free experience on the road. Gorilla Gadgets’ unique car phone holder with a built-in wireless charger comes in a variety of colors, is fast and simple to install, and includes rubber wings to hold your device securely in place.

Wireless Charging - Simply plug your phone mount car charger into your car’s USB Port or DC 12V port and wirelessly charge your mobile device. Your phone will charge from up to 8mm in distance from the mount, making charging easy for those using thick cases.

One Handed Operation - This car phone holder with a charger has bilateral rubber wings that automatically lock your phone tightly in place for safe, one-handed use while driving. The unique triangle structure ensures a strong and steady hold even on uneven roads.

360° Rotation Mount - The entire car phone holder with charger can be turned vertically and horizontally to achieve your ideal positioning. Achieve the perfect angle to easily glance at your map or notifications, or comfortably watch videos when parked.

Metallic Cooling System - The solid aluminum shell and large, built-in coils guarantee effective heat dissipation and cooling to keep your phone at working temperature and ensure a reliable charging experience.

Charging Indicator Lights - You’ll always know exactly when your mobile device is successfully charging and when it has reached a full charge with the LED charging indicator light.

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