Portable Personal Air Purifier with Rechargeable Air Circulation System for Outdoor Activities, Construction, and Sports

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  • [Filter] - Electrical Air Purifying System filters 99.7% harmful organisms, smoke, dust, poisonous gas, pollen, dog hair and other small particles allowing you to breathe in clean air.
  • [Adjustable Air Flow] - You can adjust the fan speed with just 1 click. High-level 2.35 CFM will make sure you get more than enough air during physical activities like sports and physical labor. Mid-level 1.77 CFM is perfect for light physical labor and low-level 1.18 CFM is perfect for any daily activities like working at the office, cleaning, shopping etc.
  • [Powerful Circulation System] - Our Air Purifying System uses an axial flow fan that runs at 3 different adjustable speeds that lets the clean air pass through the filter and right into your cover. Due to a powerful ventilation system, innovative air tube and cover, you will always have a right amount of clean air without any delays or stuffiness. Our Air Purifier solves the problem of stuffiness and smoothly delivers air into the cover allowing you to enjoy your activity with ease.
  • [Perfect Fitment ] - Portable Air Purifier is Three Dimensional and comfortable to use. The outer counter of the cover fits your face shape perfectly and makes sure that no outside air gets in.
  • [Rechargeable Air Pump, Replaceable Air Filters And Arm Holder] - The air pump is rechargeable using an included USB cord. The package also includes the arm strap that allows you to carry the Portable Air Purifier with ease. The package includes 1 air filter that would need to be replaced after 500 hours of working.

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