UV Light Sanitizer Wand



    • [Sterilization principle]: Professional laboratory studies show that our UV sanitizer light is now authoritative certified that anti-germ rate up to 99.9%. The UV disinfection light destroys the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in bacterial viruses through ultraviolet rays with a wavelength in the range of 270 ~ 285nm.
    • [Disinfect Quickly and Effectively]: Turns on the ultraviolet sanitizer light wand, simply sweep the portable UV light sanitizer wand across the surface or stuff you desire to clean. It makes the environment safe and clean within 10 seconds without damaging any surfaces, makes non-toxic, no residue, no odor, no secondary pollution.
    • [Portable, Sterilize Anytime]: The UV sanitizer lamp built-in 2000mAh USB rechargeable batteries, with compact design and lightweight super convenient to carry while traveling and outings. Our UV disinfection lamp is widely used for home, office, school sanitizing, this UV ultraviolet germicidal lamp will be a nice choice to disinfect phones, toys, keyboards, laptops, doorknobs, toothbrushes, and toilet covers, also can sterilize pillow inside, clothes and bed stuff and others.
    • [Smart Auto Timing off & Child Lock Design]: The Smart Auto Timing off in 180 seconds of this portable UV light wand helps to save power, extra thoughtful Child lock avoid kids misuse.
    • [Quality & Safety ]: Our UV light Sterilizer is an exquisite wand with a nice tactile feel, adopted the selected ABS material and advanced led light beads to ensure obvious sterilization effect and durable, Led UV Lamp lifespan more than 10,000+ hours. The UV sterilizer light is CE, FC, RoHS certified, not only proven works for disinfecting and sanitizing but safety in use.
  • Why choose a UV sanitizer wand?
    UV sterilizer light is a portable disinfection and sterilization stick with a lithium battery charging function and a gravity sensor switch function. It uses LED ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization technology with a sterilization rate of 99.9%. The product has no radiation and cares for your health anytime, anywhere.
    Technical Parameters
    Product name: LED deep ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization stick
    Product material: ABS
    Power: 2W
    Product Model: HK-015
    Rated input: DC5V = 1A
    Battery capacity: 2000mAH
    LEDUC lamp beads: 16
    Body size: 236 * 48 * 40mm
    Bodyweight: 200g
    LEDUC wavelength: 260-280nm
    Input interface: micro USB 11.Lamp life: ≥10000 hours
    Temperature: working temperature (0 ~ 40 ℃) storage temperature (-20 ~ 55 ℃)
    1. Please fully charge the machine before use;
    2. Before the machine is turned on, please use this product correctly, open the flip cover, the lamp beads must be facing downwards, never look directly at the UVC lamp with the naked eye;
    3. The product cannot be turned on when it is under charge;
    4. Please use a voltage-compliant adapter for charging, otherwise, the product may be damaged;
    What's included:
    1: host × 1
    2: USB cable × 1
    3: Instruction manual × 1
    4: Guangwei test report × 1
    5: carrying bag × 1

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