Note 4 Spare Battery Kit (Two Batteries+Charger)

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BDL-0060 (2x BAT-0060+CHR-0087)

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  • We put together this Note 4 Spare Battery Charger Kit for those who want more battery life without the added bulk of an extended life battery.
  • This Note 4 traveler battery bundle comes with two standard Samsung Galaxy Note 4 batteries and a free wall charger.
  • This Note 4 spare battery wall charger charges one Note 4 battery externally and can charge a second device via USB, or even Lightning cables.
  • Keep a second extra Note 4 battery to swap out a dead battery for a fresh one on-the-go. 

x2 Samsung Note 4 Phone Batteries (3250 mAh)

x1 Note 4 External Battery Cradle Charger

Category: Note 4

Type: Cell Phone Battery

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