ST6 Dream Light Touch Speaker



Not just for college students! But this all-in-one speaker/light/alarm clock has everything a student needs except food and coffee. Pair it with a phone (or any Bluetooth-enabled device) and it’s a high quality speaker that’s not so loud they’ll get complaints. The alarm features the ‘dawn waking’ where the touch light gets brighter over a few minutes time.


Charging Input: DC5V 1000mAh
Battery Capacity Polymer Battery 3.7V/1800mAh
Charging Time: 2.5-4 Hours
Speaker Specifications: D45mm H40mm (Power: 3W)
Lamp power: 1.6 W
Lumens: 160
Light Color: Warm White + RGB
Frequency Range: 70Hz-20KHz
Distortion 0.5%
Whole Signal to Noise Ratio: 65dB
Transmission Range: 33ft
Audio Input: Micro SD
Bluetooth Version: 4
Charge Port: Micro USB
Main Material: ABS + Silicone
Size: 86x 113mm
Weight: About 230 G
Playing time: 11 hours (playing Bluetooth music only)
Lighting time:5 hours on high brightness. (15 hours on low brightness)

Product Includes

x1 ST6 Dream Light Touch Speaker

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