Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro Flexible TPU Hydrogel Film Screen Protector


Size: ONE

    High Durability and Quality: Our screen protector is made with premium materials that is built to last. Engineered for enhanced impact resistance to keep your phone safe and looking brand new. Premium soft TPU (flexible film) is designed exclusively for curved-edge phones to ensure edge-to-edge protection. Enjoy full-screen protection without compromising the beautiful display quality of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro. Ultra-thin size and case friendly with high transparency allow the screen protector to be non-intrusive while maximizing display quality.

    Fingerprint Recognition: Specifically designed to work well with the fingerprint scanner. Unlock your phone with ease without any interference, while keeping your screen safe.

    Ultra Thin & Non-Shatter: Extremely thin while offering maximum protection, making it barely noticeable on the device. The flexible TPU film screen protector will not shatter on impact.

    Eye Protection Against blue light: Specifically designed for protecting your eyes. When the side of the hydrogel film is taken to the sun, there is a layer of a bright purple-blue layer effect.


      1. Resetting the fingerprint scanner is recommended in order for the screen protector to work with the scanner.
      2. DO NOT use fingernails to scratch out bubbles. Minor bubbles are normal and will disappear within 3-days
      3. Screen Protector automatically repairs all dents and scratches after a few days
  • A.S.F: Anti-Shatter Film

    Condition: New

  • 1 x Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro Flexible TPU Film Privacy Screen Protector

    1 x Wet and Dry Towel Wipes

    1 x Dust-Absorber Sticker

    1 x Installation Kit

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