Samsung Galaxy S5 Extended Life Battery (5800mAh)

Back Cover Color
Black Matte
White Matte
Champagne Matte
Gold Matte
Dark Chocolate
Gunmetal Grey
  • *Not compatible with Galaxy S5 Active

    -Our Samsung Galaxy S5 Extended Life Battery features a 5800mAh battery capacity. This is twice the amount of a standard S5 battery. (2900mAh)

    --A must-have replacement battery for power users, that need a little extra battery power than most to get through a full day's use.

    -This is an extended life battery and differs from a regular cell phone battery read What is an Extended Life Battery? to learn more about the differences.

    -This Extended Battery for Galaxy S5 features an internal Smart Charging chip that automatically regulates charging and ensures an even charge every time, giving you maximum battery life performance and battery longevity.

    Please Note: Extended life batteries are bigger and slightly thicker than a standard battery. Most third-party phone cases will not fit with the extended battery in. We have Samsung Galaxy S5 Extended Battery TPU Protective Cases, available here.

    There is a break-in period on this battery and requires a calibration period for you to see best results. Please follow charging instructions included in your package or read our Extended Battery Charging and Calibration Guide for best battery life performance.


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