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Finally, a Qi Wireless Portable Charger that is truly wireless. Our Quantum Pro Wireless Power Bank can wirelessly charge phones and other wireless-enabled devices. The power bank itself is "truly wireless" meaning the power bank itself can be charged wirelessly. Our Quantum Pro Wireless Charging Power Bank features all directional "Quantum Induction" charging. This means that no matter what direction you place your device on the wireless phone charger it will start charging, no hassles just to find the sweet spot to place your phone. Our Quantum Pro Wireless Portable Charger has an 8000mAh battery capacity which is the equivalent of about 2-4 phone charges. (Different phones will vary)

  • The Quantum Wireless Portable Charger itself can be charged via Micro USB, with a wireless phone charger, or Type-C
  • Matte finish provides slip protection for your device
  • Internal Chip automatically stops charging when your phone charging is complete. This prevents overcharging and promotes better battery health
  • Charge wirelessly and wired at the same time
  • Quantum Pro Wireless Phone Charger Charges at 1000mAh (1A)
  • USB Port is 5V=2.1A
  • Wireless Output: 5W 1000mAh
  • Wireless Distance: 3-8mm
  • Measures: 74X133X19mm
  • Capacity 8000mAh (about 2-3 Phone Charges)
  • Charge via Micro USB, Type-C, or Wirelessly
  • Matte grippy finish
  • LED Indicator Lights

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