Qi Wireless Charger Power Station Quick Charge USB

  • Our Qi Wireless Charger has a Qi Charging Pad on top of the device and also has five Quick Charge 2.0 USB Charging Ports.

    Charge up to six devices at once with only one wall socket with this Qi Wireless Charger and Quick Charge USB Charger and Quick Charge USB Phone Charger.

    Each of the USB charging ports is Quick Charge (QC 2.0) and features adaptive quick charging and will adjust the voltage depending on what device you are charging. This ensures you are safely charging any type of device.

    You can charge iPads, tablets, iPhones, and other USB powered devices. It features a premium build quality, is energy efficient and has a slim design that fits great on a desk or nightstand. This is the best wireless portable charger for iPhone on the market.


10000mAh Dual Charging Portable Power Bank with Full Digital Display