Swamp Cooler Fan for Outdoors, Garages & Warehouses, 1,850 sq. ft.

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Warehouses, Garages & Outdoors: Swamp coolers are Ideal for garages, sheds, warehouses & outdoors in general. Air conditioning costs too much to cool spaces that aren't completely closed off to the outside world.

Portable: The Swamp cooler is easily moved around because it weighs 37 pounds and on four wheels that allow it to be rolled outdoors and indoors. The unit can be placed on a driveway without it rolling away because the wheels are lockable.

Powerful: The Swamp Cooler pushes out enough cold air to cool down very large rooms (1,850 sq. ft.) The motor pushes 5,300 CFM.

Easy to use: Pour Water into the 13 gallon water tank of the swamp cooler. Choose from one of the three fan speed options and turn it on. Use the remote to turn it on without standing up. Fall asleep with it on or set the timer to turn it off while you sleep. No more laying on wet towels to stay cool.

Features and dimensions: Weight 37 pounds, Length 18 x Width 25 x Height 40 inches, 13.2 gallon water tank, 360° lockable wheels, 5300 cubic feet per minute, remote, timer, swinging panels, ice packs.

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