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Obsidian redefines the Bluetooth-connected wireless speaker. It packs 36 explosive watts of power within its jet-black metal shell, overwhelming you with eruptive bass that prior to this day has only been heard in a subwoofer. As a Bluetooth vibration speaker, Obsidian can transmit sound through any object it is attached to - including tables, desks, windows, and walls. It will fill your entire cave with sound.  

  • Bluetooth 4.0 pairs multiple devices
  • NFC Pairing connectivity
  • Bass transmits through the surface the speaker is placed on
  • Deep bass that you can feel
  • Touch controls on top
  • Aluminum Housing

 We tested several surfaces for overall sound quality. See the results of our testing Obsidian Surface Testing.

  • Aluminum Metal Body Construction
  • Suction cup keeps device in place while playing
  • 3 Modes: Combo(Vibration+Speaker) Speaker Only (No Vibration) and Vibration only
  • 3-5 Hour Battery Life (Depending on playback mode and volume)
  • Output: 36W (26W+5W+5W)
  • Input: DC5V 1000mA
  • Frequency: 30Hz-18KHz
  • Battery: 3200mAh, 3.7V
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Range: 33 Feet
  • Charge Time: 3-4 Hours
  • NFC: Enabled

“The first time I heard the volcano, I knew what it was, but I had no other sounds in my experience that I could relate it to. It sounded like a cannon going off, where the low, loud, vibrating blast went on for over 10 seconds. It was a powerful, visceral sound.”

 --Jon Dietz, describing Arenal Volcano near La Fortuna in Costa Rica.

The volcanoes inspired our latest product: the Obsidian Wireless Vibration Speaker. Just as the obsidian glass that is formed in the fiery furnaces deep within the volcano, we like to imagine the texture of the sound permanently forged into the shape and color of this primordial wireless speaker. When we first brought it to life, we could feel the ground shake and the echoing rumble of the distant volcano.

Our Obsidian vibration speaker features an aluminum body design and touch controls on the top of the device. It has three play modes: speaker, vibration, and combo. Combo mode uses both the speaker and the vibration function. Use it to generate room-filling sound with prehistoric bass, and marvel as the vibration function conforms any mounting surface into a functioning part of the speaker. Obsidian features Bluetooth 4.0, allowing quick pairing of multiple devices; or you can quickly pair your device using NFC.

Q: What is the best surface to use the vibration functionality?

A: Hollow surfaces work the best, but the multiple modes allow you to place the wireless speaker pretty much anywhere.

Q: How long will my Obsidian Wireless Speaker last?

A: The internal battery takes 3-4 hours to charge and playtime ranges between 4-5 hours depending on volume and playback type.

Q: How do I pair my Obsidian via Bluetooth or NFC?

A: To pair the device just turn on Bluetooth on your device and look for “Vibro-36w” Touch to pair and begin listening. With NFC just enable NFC on your device wave it over the top and it will automatically sync.

Q: What is the wireless range of the Obsidian Vibration Speaker?

A: The wireless range of the device is 33 feet.

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