Lightweight Headphones with Soft Sweat Proof Earpads

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  • BEST WORKOUT HEADPHONE with 3.5mm connection perfect for iPhone, iPod, and Android plus many others. These are ready to go right out of the box. Simply plug these gym headphones in and immediately enjoy fantastic sound. Your head will be immersed in your favorite music while you workout, run, or enjoy sports
  • OUTSTANDING DYNAMIC CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND these headphones use the finest wiring and speaker technology. They offer very full sound and thunderous, deep bass. So realistic it's like being in the studio with the artist. Your favorite tunes come to life with these exceptional on ear headphones
  • LIGHT WEIGHT, FOLD FOR TRANSPORT & STORAGE. See the photos of how these exercise headphones easily fold to take up very little space. Carry them in your backpack, purse, stash them in your desk at work, keep them in your car, or your sports locker. They even fit in a coat or jacket pocket
  • INCLUDES IN-LINE MICROPHONE and Volume controls on the cable. Use the control button and slider to choose song tracks and adjust volume on these running headphones. Use the microphone to answer phone calls without having to get out your phone. Just what you need when working out or participating in sports

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