LG V20 Extended Life Battery (6400mAh)

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  • The first time you use our LG V20 Extended Life Battery you will never go back to your original LG V20 Battery .
  • Features a 6400mAh Battery Capacity which is twice the amount of juice as your original LG V20 Phone Battery
  • 75-100% Improvement in V20 Battery Life
  • Smart charging chip protects your device from overcharging and promotes better battery health.
  • Free Soft Matte Finish Custom Backplate
  • This is a great source of portable extra battery power for the LG V20
  • Extended Batteries requires an initial calibration period, follow our Extended Life Battery Calibration Guide or the card included in your package for more information.

How to maximize the LG V20 extended life battery potential?

To get the full extent of your new battery, please follow the conditioning cycles. Check out the instructions included in your package or our Extended Battery 101 page. You should also restart your LG V20 at least every few days to let your phone and battery refresh itself.

How long should my LG V20 Extended Life Battery last?

Our extended batteries are double the capacity of your original LG V20 battery. So you will receive two times the battery life of the standard battery with the same amount of use.

How long should I charge my LG V20 Extended Battery?

Depending on the size of your battery we recommend 9 to 10 hours of continuous charging each time even if your phone says 100%. If you do not, the phone will show that it is draining quickly.

Why is my Extended Life LG V20 Battery not fully charged?

If your smartphone is showing that it is draining quickly, not fully charging it is most likely the reason. Due to the high capacity of the battery, your LG V20 is show that it is at 100% when in reality it still needs to trickle charge the rest of the way. Just charge it before you go to bed at night and you should not have any problems. If you can not fully charge your battery after 10+ hours, please contact us via email at support@gorillagadgets.com

My LG V20 Extended Replacement Battery has a bulge in the middle. What does this mean?

There are a few reasons for this. If your battery is over a year old, it could mean your battery is seeing its last days. If you’ve only had it for several months, it could be due to improper charging or battery storage. Double check your charger and charging cable. If you are still within warranty, please contact support@gorillagadgets.com.

My LG V20 backplate (back cover) cracked. How do I get a replacement?

If your battery is still fully functional but the cover has cracked, please purchase a replacement cover. If you just received your battery and the cover arrived broken or cracked within a few days of use, please contact support@gorillagadgets.com

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