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iPhone 6 Replacement Battery with Repair Tool Kit

  • Skip the Apple store and handle your iPhone battery replacement yourself. We carry battery repair kits for the iPhone 6. The iPhone repair kit includes all the tools you will need to open up your smartphone and replace your iPhone battery. 

    Each model has a different battery. Please select your model in the Style drop-down menu

    We carry a battery for each of these models:

    iPhone 6 Replacement Battery(1810mAh)

    iPhone 6 plus Replacement Battery(2910mAh)

    iPhone 6s Replacement Battery(1715mAh)

    iPhone 6s Plus Replacement Battery(2750mAh)

    iPhone 5 Replacement Battery(1440mAh)

    iPhone 5c Replacement Battery(1507mAh)

    iPhone 5s Replacement Battery(1550mAh)

    Grade A+ Li-ion Battery Cells with safety protection circuit design. Prevents battery from overheating, circuiting, overcharging, discharging and short-circuiting.

    PLEASE NOTE: Opening up your iPhone casing will void your warranty. Gorilla Gadgets is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse of the repair kit. This is not an easy process for beginners. Please use caution before attempting to replace your battery.

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