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iPad mini /mini 2/mini 3 Case w/ 360-degree Palm Holder

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The Perfect Combination of Convenience and Protection

Do you like to read on your iPad during your commute, but worry about dropping it?  When you're walking around the warehouse doing inventory on your iPad, is it awkward to hold it and type?  Are you one of those people who can actually walk and study at the same time, but need a more stable way to hang on to your iPad?  Then this is the gadget for you. 

Our new 360-degree rotating case with adjustable hand strap provides protection for your iPad Air while preventing strain on your hands - perfect for commuters.  It's custom-designed for the Apple iPad mini /mini 2/mini 3.  The case fits perfectly, molding to your device and providing protection for the back of your iPad from anything you might encounter on your daily journeys.

The coolest feature is the very functional strap that provides a comfortable way of holding and using your iPad. With one hand securely strapped to your iPad, it leaves the other hand free for navigating. Whether commuting, traveling, reading, or just browsing on your iPad for long periods,  it prevents strain on your hands (due to the adjustable strap), making it more like an appendage than a gadget you need to hang onto. Full 360-degree rotation means you can swivel your iPad around to view it in portrait, landscape or in between - get the perfect angle for however you're situated!

Important: This case is custom designed for the Apple iPad Mini 2/3 and will not fit any other tablets properly. This holder will not fit if you are using another back cover or a smart cover!

  • Full 360 degree rotation means you can swivel your iPad around to view it in portrait, landscape or in-between!
  • Ergonomic strap prevents strain on your hands from holding your iPad for long periods of time
  • Fantastic hand grip allows you to strap your iPad to your hand- no chance of dropping it while commuting on the train!
  • Custom designed for the iPad Air with ergonomic cutouts for all the buttons and ports
  • *Compatible with iPad mini /mini 2/mini 3
  • x1 iPad mini /mini 2/mini 3 Case w/ 360-degree Palm Holder