G-Fast Quick Charge Car Charger

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Charge your phone in the time it takes to commute to work. Our G-Fast Quick Charge Car Charger, allows you to take G-Fast Quick Charge from the home into your car.

Charge from 0-50% in as little as 30 minutes. Each Fast Charge Car Charger port features adaptive quick charging and will adjust the voltage to safely and effectively charge any device that needs charging, from smartphones, to tablets, power banks, and wireless speakers or headphones.

  • 2 G-Fast Quick Charge Ports
  • Output 1: 3.0A (3000mAh)
  • Output 2: 2.4A (2400mAh)
  • Input: DC12V-24V
  • Each port uses adaptive fast charging to adjust the charging voltage based on the device your are charging.
  • Please Note: Your phone must have fast/Quick function to go from 0-50% in 30 minutes.

Type: Charger