Evaporative Air Cooler - Remote Control, Ice Packs, Water Tank

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Keep your room cool with our large portable evaporative air cooler. With features such as an active cooling system with ice packs, an included wireless remote and a strong powerful fan, it makes this air cooler perfect for the home, large rooms and offices.

🧊 3 Wind Speeds & Timer: The portable air cooler has 3 built-in wind speed modes and a 0-12 hour timer function to help keep your room cool while you sleep or are away from the house. There are also different types of air flows from constant to mimicking natural winds.

🧊 Safe & User Friendly: The front safety design prevents young ones from putting their hands through the vents with an added mesh shield for safety. The built-in water tank locks securely in place to help avoid leaks, electric shocks and other safety type issues. In addition, the built-in handle and wheels make it easily to move it around from room to room.

🧊 Energy Saving & ECO Friendly: Save big time on your electric bill by not using your homes built-in air conditioning unit. This air cooler does not contain ozone refrigerant, nor does it use a compressor like a conventional air cooler. The cool air is produced by water evaporating instead of circulating so it's safe for the environment.

🧊 Efficient Cooling: Equipped with a 12 liter large water tank, it's not necessary to add water frequently to the device. Cold air can be produced continuously for several hours to keep your room cool and even help promote sleep. You can also add ice to the water tank in order to enhance the cooling effect or use the provided 2 ice packs.

🧊 Easy To Clean: It's easy to get in and clean all aspects of this cooler with both easy access to the back and water tank for through cleaning.

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