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Stay warm during the winter seasons with our small, lightweight, and compact desk space heater! With 3 built-in modes for heating, humidifying, and lighting up the night, this small heater fan will warm up any area in a matter of minutes.

3-in-1 Space Heater - Purchase a heater that’s MORE than just a heater! Heat, humidify, and light up small areas with our 3-in-1 portable space heater! At 5.25 x 8.25 inches, this is the perfect size for a desk, bedside table, or any preferred surface of your choosing. Take advantage of the humidifier and night light settings at your convenience without the worry of having to purchase multiple products.

Heating Efficiency - Using the latest in PTC ceramic heating technology, our heater turns on in 3 seconds while using 20% less energy than other small heaters. The honeycomb design on the front grill dissipates heat evenly, and you can even adjust the heating fan from low to high.

Personal Humidifier - Breathe easier by taking advantage of the built-in humidifier our heater has to offer! Add hot or cold water⁠—up to 400ml at a time⁠—to the top to add moisture to the air around you for up to 4 hours!

Easy To Use - The 3 buttons at the front of the space heater include all of the settings you’ll need, making it incredibly simple and easy to use!

  • Turn the humidifier on/off
  • 2 heating modes
  • 2 lighting modes

Safe & Quiet - Our heater is made using high-quality materials to ensure the safety of our customers. Not only is the fan noise low, but the heater will also turn off automatically when knocked over. We advise caution around its front, where most of the heat is emitted. The back and sides of the heater will remain at a safe temperature.

Small & Portable - The heater’s compact size (5.30x8.35 inches) makes it easy to travel with and there will never be a hassle when moving it from room to room! Additionally, we recommend using an extension cord for hard-to-reach outlets.

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