Kaleidoscope Green Laser Pen W/ Removable Lens

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Our powerful green kaleidoscope laser pointer features a highly visible green color and operates at the 532 nm wavelength. You can actually see the beam, not just the point. Great to use as an astronomy pointer to explore the night sky. Our Kaleidoscope Green Laser Pen comes with a removable lens filter the lights up the entire ceiling or wall with a cool laser display. This Powerful Laser Pen is about the size of a small flashlight.
    • Max Output: 50mW
    • Wave Length: 532nm
    • Removable lens shines cool designs on the wall, ceiling or other surfaces.
    • Featuring 50mW of power the astronomy laser pointer has a range more than 6000 ft. 
    • Class III laser device. This can damage your eyes, it comes with a key to lock usage for small children
    • You can remove the star laser lens tip and use it as a regular green laser pointer too.
    • This laser pointer comes with rechargeable batteries and battery charger.

    x1 High Powered Green Kaleidoscope Laser Pen W/ Removable Laser Lens

    x1 Star Tip Attachment

    x1 Battery+Charger

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