50mw Green Laser Pointer

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  • If you've never used a green laser pointer, especially one as powerful as our 50mW Green Laser Pointer will change the way you look at laser pointers. 

    Green Laser Pointer Features:

    -50mW of power and operates at a 532nm wavelength.

    -Our 50mW Green Laser Pointer is around 50X brighter than a red laser pointer

    -Unlike red laser pointers, a green laser has a highly visible beam up to 6000ft. You can see the whole beam, not just the point.

    -This 50mw Green Laser Pointer is a Class IIIa Laser Pointer.

    -A perfect laser pointer to use as an astronomy laser pointer, a classroom presentation laser pen, for electricians, engineers and more.

    For More Info, Read Our Laser Pointer Safety Guide and FAQ

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