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200mW Green Laser Pointer with Multi-Kaleidoscope Lens and Mini USB Port

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    Multi-Uses: A reliable and powerful laser pointer that you can count on. Perfect for astronomy, classroom and business presentations, cat exercising and more! A smooth texture with a matte finish makes it highly comfortable and easy to grip. Compact and portable design allows it to easily slip into your pocket or purse for easy traveling. 

    5 Kaleidoscope Lens: Comes with 5 unique kaleidoscope lens cap in total that turns your laser pointer into a dazzling starry spectacle. Simply rotate the lens cap counterclockwise away from you to experience the various different patterns. Rotate clockwise to remove the lens cap, giving you a powerful green laser beam dot.

    Bright Green Laser: With 200mW of power and 532nm wavelength, our laser pointer projects a powerful green laser beam that is visible for up to a mile. Contains a green laser, which has been proven to be brighter than red ones.

    USB Rechargeable: No need to use batteries. Our laser pointer has a built-in mini USB port for convenient recharging. Good for the environment and saves you money from continually buying batteries. Capable of being charged from a wall charger, power bank, computer, and other USB port devices.

    For More Info, Read Our Laser Pointer Safety Guide and FAQ

  • Dimensions: 158mm x 16mm

    Weight: ~38g

    Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Light Color: Green

    Class: Class lllb Green Laser Pointer

    Output Power: 200mW

    Wave Length: 532nm

    Condition: New

  • 1 x 200mW Green Laser Pointer with Multi-Kaleidoscope Lens 

    5 x Kaleidoscope Lens Caps

    2 x AAA Batteries