How to extend the life of your cell phone?

How to extend the life of your cell phone?


At Gorilla Gadgets we offer three types of products that will extend the life of your phone; extended life batteries, portable battery chargers, and battery pack cases. Not all products are offered for every phone.

Extended Life Batteries:

Extended life batteries are a convenient option for extending the life of your phone. Once you replace your standard battery with the specially designed gorilla extended life battery on your phone, you will generally receive 2 times the capacity. The extended life batteries are slightly larger in size and come with a new back cover to accommodate the extended life battery.

We have extended life batteries to accommodate many different phones but unfortunately there are some phones, which cannot be fitted with our extended life batteries. For these phones, we offer a couple other options.

Portable Battery Chargers:

Portable battery chargers (also known as portable power banks) are portable batteries which can be connected to any phone and recharge the standard battery. A portable battery charger can recharge a battery up to 5 times (depending on the capacity of the charger). They do not replace the standard battery in your phone, but recharge the phone when your phone starts to run low. 

Portable battery chargers are very versatile products. They come with a variety of connectors for many phones and apple products. If you are struggling to find a product to increase the life of your phone, this is a solution.

Battery Pack Cases:

Battery pack cases are a relatively new item. They are designed especially for popular phone designs, such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Battery pack cases attach to the back of your phone similar to a case. The case houses a slim lithium-ion battery that plugs into the phone. Once activated, the battery pack case charges your phones battery back up while you continue using it. The battery pack case will charge your phone between 1 an 2 times depending on the model.

This is a sleek convenient product does not replace the standard battery but accompany the phone and act as both a case and battery.


mAh (milliamperes/hour) is the standard measurement of the amount of energy stored in a battery. If a standard battery has 1500 mAh an extended battery of 3000 mAh will last up to twice as long as the standard battery with the same amount of use.