Galaxy S5 Battery Charger Kit (Two S5 NFC Batteries + Wall Charger)

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BDL-0057 (2x BAT-0057+CHR-0085)

Title: Galaxy S5
$27.99 $31.99
  • Our Samsung Galaxy S5 battery charger kit includes two Galaxy S5 replacement battery and a FREE ($10.99 Value) Universal external battery cradle charger that can charge both this Galaxy S5 battery out of the phone and a second phone or tablet, via USB, at the same time.

    The wall charger has adjustable charging pins to not only charge this battery but can also charge most other removable cell phone batteries.

    This battery charging kit is a great option for those looking to improve battery life for Galaxy S5 without the added thickness of an extended battery or have to be tethered to a wall charger or portable phone charger all day.

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