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Samsung Galaxy S4 Extended Life Replacement Battery (5400mAh)

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  • -This Samsung Galaxy S4 Extended Life Battery has a 5400mAh battery capacity which is 2X the power of your original Galaxy S4 battery.

    -Double Galaxy S4 Battery Life: A must have for battery hungry S4 users that need a more battery life than most, to get through a full day's use.

    -Highly tested certified Lithium Ion Battery Cells. Design for maximum performance and safety.

    -Replace your original S4 battery with a more powerful, longer lasting battery.

    Please Note: Extended life batteries are bigger and slightly thicker than a standard battery. Most third-party phone cases will not fit with the extended battery in. We have Samsung Galaxy S4 Extended Battery TPU Protective Cases, available here.

    To learn more about this type of battery read our What is an Extended Life Battery? Check out our Extended Battery Calibration and Charging Tips to learn best practices to ensure the best battery life possible.